The Muvaland

Welcome to The Muvaland. A black-owned beachfront campsite. Muvaland is a small piece of peace in Maryland.

The Muvaland currently has: A port-a-potty, a swing on the beach that can seat up to 3 people, a fire pit with 2 benches that can seat up to 6 people, a picnic table

Pitch your tent on the grass, go carefully down the ramp to the water, and frolic.


South Kings Camping

Passed down 3 generations, South Kings Grounds, is a family own farm that is ready to welcome visitors. There are 133 acres you can explore at your leisure. It will truly feel like you are walking through the forest.

TreeStar is a great location for Tent Campers and Vehicle Campers. Set up your tent on an open plot or pull your truck/RV directly to the site. Once night settles in don’t forget to look up and gaze at the stars that appear just through the rising treetops. 


Lacy Oasis

Welcome to a place that allows you to be in pure tranquility with nature and yourself.  Come to connect, share laughter and create endless memories with your family, friends and your pets.  


Seaside View Campground

48593 Sea Side View Road, Ridge, Maryland 20680

(301) 872-4141

Away from the city noise and out in the nature with a SPECTACULAR "Seaside View" the campground has been a home away from home to many families since 1969!